Whatcom County Superior Court requires that when a document is filed, and has an attorney’s signature on it, then that signature must be that attorney’s own hand drawn wet ink signature. Here are a couple of possible ways to conform to this requirement.

  1. The attorney signs each document before the document is scanned. This results in a unique signature on each document.
  2. The attorney signs a blank piece of paper. The signature is scanned into an image file, such as jpg or gif. The file is distributed to support staff who then paste it onto signature lines as needed. This method does not produce unique signatures but is very convenient when working in a remote working environment.

Both methods are approved by the court.

4th Corner Network has the following requirements.

  1. Each assignment must include a properly completed messenger form.
  2. A ticket must be created for each case. Do not attach documents for multiple cases to the same ticket.
  3. Each document must be uploaded in its own file. Do not put more than one document into a file.
  4. Filing assignments must be received by 2:30 PM in order to be filed on the same day. Same day requests received after 2:30 PM will be subject to an additional fee.