What is Client Comms?

The Client Comms system is intended to enhance communication between 4th Corner and our clients. It provides a permanent record of those communications without the need to decipher long email strings. Client Comms is based on an advanced ticketing system similar to those used throughout the internet.

A ticketing system is a management tool that processes and catalogs customer service requests. Tickets are also known as cases or issues. The system we’re using is user-friendly for you and our staff.

Which is better, Client Comms or email?

Client Comms has several advantages over email. For instance:

Sending and receiving multiple emails regarding a process service or messenger assignment can create tracking problems over time. When did who say what to who? Printed emails, on paper or in pdf files, can be difficult to follow especially if those emails occur over a period of days or weeks. Client Comms keeps all communications on a particular subject in one easy to follow thread.

Which is more secure, Client Comms or email?

Client Comms avoids the email system altogether. It is a direct connection between your computer and our server. The chance of interception is greatly reduced. The server itself is itself protected by both software and hardware security measures.

What happens when a Client Comms thread is closed?

Any active system storing large amounts of information can become “cluttered” over time. When a ticket is no longer in use it is closed but it isn’t deleted. You will always be able to find every ticket you created in the Client Comms system. Closed tickets are simply stored separately from the active tickets. You can also print them to paper or pdf file with the press of a button