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1. A specific and important relationship exists between an attorney, his or her client, and the investigator. This relationship extends to and protects communications between these parties and resulting work product. The relationship is termed ______________.
2. Court dockets and case files are generally available for review by:
3. The relationship that exists between a private client and the investigator is deemed under RCW 18.165.160(8) to be:
4. County Superior Courts in Washington State have two basic divisions:
5. Municipal Courts in the State of Washington are the venue for infractions and crimes committed within a:
6. In Washington State, municipal courts handle criminal cases involving:
7. All felony trials in Washington State are handled by:
8. Bankruptcy court is under jurisdiction:
9. Questions and requests regarding docket information at the court should be directed to:
10. A Private Investigator is required to exhibit the state issued Private Investigator's license:
11. In the State of Washington, a Private Investigator is required to have either a surety bond or certificate of insurance on file with the state. The respective amounts for the bond or insurance are:
12. Which law governs the public's access to records possessed by local and state agencies?
13. Under the Freedom of Information Act, the burden of proving whether or not a request falls under the exemptions for denial is the responsibility of:
14. Which law governs the public access to records possessed by federal agencies:
15. Which of the following classifications of records are not available via the Freedom of Information Act?
16. Real estate deeds, liens, powers of attorney and other real property related documents are found in the records of the:
17. The value of buildings and land can be obtained via the:
18. In Washington State, Private Investigators are regulated by:
19. Private Investigators have the same powers and authority while making an arrest as:
20. Commercial credit bureaus may release certain information from their files without the written authorization of the consumer. Releasable information is:
21. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (Amended) outlines a number of permissible purposes for obtaining credit reports, however a non-permissible purpose would be:
22. A Private Investigator who is asked to obtain a credit report must have and retain in his or her files:
23. An investigative consumer report under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (Amended) may include:
24. A Private Investigator may legally monitor the following:
25. Under the "reasonable expectation of privacy" doctrine, which of the following situation would permit a Private Investigator, stationed in a position where he or she is not trespassing, to videotape and/or photograph:
26. Under the same standards of privacy outlined above, which of the following situations would allow videotaping or photography of a surveillance subject:
27. A Private Investigator may not:
28. A Private Investigator is permitted to:
29. A Private Investigator is permitted to:
30. "Chain of Evidence" is defined as:
31. Investigators are frequently asked to testify in court regarding the work conducted in their case investigations. In testifying, investigator should limit him/herself to:
32. The term "Perjury" is defined as:
33. In the early stages of either a criminal or civil cases, witnesses on both sides may be interviewed and/or deposed and documents provided to both side. This period is known as:
34. A violation of client confidentiality would be:
35. In a civil proceeding, proof must be established:
36. In a criminal proceeding, proof must be established:
37. While engaged in their duties, an armed private investigator may carry a concealed firearm if he or she possesses:
38. What is the minimum age to qualify for an unarmed private investigator license?
39. All of the following persons must obtain a private investigator license EXCEPT?
40. A private investigators license must be:
41. Washington State Law requires a minimum pre-assignment training for all private investigator applicants of ____ hours:
42. Under the Washington licensing law for investigators, private investigators may
do the following:
43. A person operating as a private investigative agency without first obtaining a license is guilty of a:
44. Misdemeanor/ traffic citations issued by the Washington State Patrol are adjudicated at which court level:
45. Which of the following would be proper procedure under the description and regulations issued by the Department of Licensing for a licensed Private Investigator?
46. Which of the following techniques can be used by private investigators?
47. Juvenile court is a separate department of which court:
48. Best practices for an investigator include:
49. A critical job of an investigator is speaking with witnesses. Professionally this is
50. The federal government has a medium for notifying the public of the official actions of its various federal agencies. It is called: