Below is a detailed description of our daily legal messenger routes in Mount Vernon and Skagit County. The listing with the ** is a daily stop in the order our messenger follows each day. The other locations are places we go on a routine route as needed. The time frames are approximate. Each address is followed by the attorneys at that location.

Delivery to any other location may result in a Special charge. Be sure to contact our office in advance for fee information.


Morning Route

10945 Chuckanut Dr, Burlington, WA 98233

Washington State Patrol

606 E Fairhaven Ave, Burlington, WA 98233

David D Lowell 

720 S Burlington Blvd, Burlington, WA 98233

GLP Attorneys 

 311 Cedar St., Burlington

Burlington Municipal Court
Burlington Police Department

325 Metcalf St., Sedro Woolley

Sedro Woolley Municipal Court – Limited hours (see their website)
Sedro Woolley Police Department
City Of Sedro Woolley

109 Warner St, Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

Pat M. Hayden 

107 State Street, Sedro-Woolley – Adaptive Law

Hollie Del Vecchio PHD

120 Woodworth St., Sedro Woolley – Canyon Law Office

Teresa Keene

1800 Continental Pl., Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Municipal Court
Mount Vernon Police Department

1404 E College Way, #101, Mount Vernon

Skagit County Prosecutor Family Support Division

1520 E College Wy, Mount Vernon – SB&C, Ltd.**

Jeannie Englund

1601 William Way, #D, Mount Vernon

Debt Recovery Specialists

Afternoon Driving Route

406 S. 2nd St., Mount Vernon**

George Freeman

121 W. Broadway St., Mount Vernon

Skagit County Public Defender

1023 S. 3rd St., Mount Vernon

Tom Seguine
Cawood Bebout
David Day

1303 S. 2nd St., #A, Mount Vernon

David Yamashita

1202 S. 2nd St., Mount Vernon

Sharon Fields #B
John Gleason #D

1204 Cleveland Ave., Mount Vernon

Craig Sjostrom
Michael Winslow
C. Thomas Moser
Scott Thomas
Hollie Del Vecchio PHD Adaptive Law

910 Cleveland Ave., Mount Vernon**

Mount Vernon City Prosecutor

825 Cleveland Ave., Mount Vernon

Bradford Furlong
Eileen Butler

Afternoon Walking Route

401 S. 2nd St., Mount Vernon

Joseph Bowen

306 S. 1st St, Mount Vernon – Mountain Law

Michael Laws
Matthew S. Mearns
Matthew Stock
Cara Lorenzo
Paul Titialii

404 S. 1st St., Mount Vernon**

Michelle Lambert-Evans #205
Wendy Wall #205

415 S. 1st St., Mount Vernon**

Finnegan & Associates, PLLC

413 W. Gates St., Mount Vernon**

Ken Brewe
Sabrina Layman
Ken Evans

417 W. Gates St., Mount Vernon

Lynn Miner #3
Paula Plummer #1

417 W Gates St. #1, Mount Vernon**

Christopher Pollino

410 Myrtle St., Mount Vernon

David N. Jolly

415 Pine St., Mount Vernon**

Morgan Witt

Gary Jones
Gail Smith
Jennifer Howson
Roy Howson
James Dolan

Glen Hoff

702 Main St., Mount Vernon

John Kamb
John Kamb, Jr.

725 Main St., Mount Vernon**

Rachelle Eason #B

709 S. 1st St., Mount Vernon**

Richard Sybrandy
Corbin Volluz

314 Pine St., Mount Vernon

Jayne Gilbert
Peter Gilbert

309 Pine St., Mount Vernon

Jason Powers

 Courthouse Run*