Forms for Legal Messenger Services

  • Need to get your case filed with the court?
  • Need to get a copy to opposing council?
  • Need to let the legal community know you’re moving?

These are just a few of the services with which our legal messenger system can help you.

Why spend time and money using your personal time or your staffs time to get these jobs done? That time is worth far more than the low cost of our monthly messenger service.

Our route messengers make 3 runs to the courts daily and stop in at the majority of local attorney offices in Whatcom and Skagit counties on our regular messenger routes. If the attorney your looking for isn’t on our route, we can make a special run to them.

We have been working with the Legal communities in both Whatcom and Skagit County for the last 30 years and have established relationships with courthouse staff. This allows us to move documents quickly and efficiently through the various offices and departments.

Our services are readily available and conveniently located near the courthouse in both Whatcom and Skagit Counties. Our messengers are knowledgeable, efficient, and detail oriented.

We know you have a choice in who you want to deliver or file your legal documents. Use 4th Corner Network, Inc., as your reliable source for legal messenger services, we’re eager to show you what we have to offer.

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