Shelley Lunzer of Kathryn Berger’s office won last week’s prize. It was a tough puzzle at 200 pieces. This week we’ll do another beautiful northwest sunset but this time as seen from Chuckanut Drive. And, to make it a bit easier, it is only 100 pieces.

People seem to like the scones from Great Harvest so let’s stick with them for a while. So we’ll do another half dozen of them for this contest. The bad part about going into Great Harvest is the TEMPTATION. And I’m trying to lose weight!

This week’s rules. Complete the puzzle, take a screen shot, save it, and email the file to us at The FIRST entry received is the winner. You must include your name and telephone number in the email.

To rotate puzzle pieces simply left click one, right click to rotate, and left click to stop rotating.

See below for additional contest rules.

Previous Winners

Here are the winners over the last 4 weeks.

Week beginning 11-27-2017 – Shelley Lunzer of Kathryn Berger’s office. “Thank you! It was fun but it was a hard puzzle”

Week beginning 11-20-2017 – Amanda Gipe of Grochmal & Fryer. “Fantastic news!!! Thank you to you and your staff for organizing such a fun contest!”

Week beginning 11-06-2017 – Tara Vincent-Maloney of Lester & Hyldahl.

Week beginning 10-30-2017 – Sue Giroux of Tario & Associates. “Thank you so much for the delicious raspberry scones! Everyone in our
office got some and loved them. We love working with you 4th Corner!”

Contest Rules

With certain exceptions, this contest is open to everyone in Whatcom and Skagit counties in the state of Washington.

The maximum value of any prize is $20.00 but a more typical value will be in the range of $8 to $12.

We will deliver prizes to winners who are on our local messenger routes. Other winners will need to arrange for pickup at our office in either Bellingham or Mount Vernon. We reserve the right to decide how winners will receive their prize.

Winner’s names, and the name of their office or employer, should such apply, will be posted below the puzzle for the following 4 weeks. If you don’t want your name to appear then don’t play. No other use of your personal data will be made.

You may only win once in any given 4 week period. In other words, when you win you must then wait 4 weeks before you can win again. If you are in an office (such as a law office, court, city office, or county office) the same rule applies to the entire office.

If you are an employee, or closely related to an employee, of 4th Corner Network, Inc, then you are not eligible to win.

Specific rules will change from week to week. Such changes will be posted above the puzzle.

Winners will be notified via telephone or email.

If a winner is chosen by drawing then the drawing will be held on the Friday morning of the applicable week.

No purchase necessary.

For a complete list of contest rules please click here.