User accounts are only open to those who use our services on a regular basis. In order to open an account simply call us during business hours at 360-671-2455 and we’ll set up a user account for you.

How to Login

  1. Go to our website at
  2. Let your mouse hover over the Home tab.
  3. When it flies out click on Login Here.
  4. Enter your user name and password.
  5. You are taken to your Tickets dashboard.

How to Create a Ticket

  1. On the dashboard click on the Submit Ticket button.
  2. The ticket is created with your email and name already filled in.
  3. Enter sufficient information for us to accomplish your assignment. Not all fields need entries.

Field Descriptions

  1. Phone – The phone number we should call if we have questions.
  2. Department – Select either Process Department or Messenger Department.
  3. Invoice/Job Number – This relates to the number we apply to track assignments. If you know this number please enter it here. If you don’t then leave this blank.
  4. Cause Number – If this ticket relates to a case with a cause number then put it here. Otherwise leave this blank.
  5. Case Name – If there is a case name associated with this ticket then put it here. Otherwise leave this blank.
  6. Client Reference – This is your reference. For instance, it might be a number or coding you use for bookkeeping purposes.
  7. Subject – A brief statement as to the purpose of the ticket.
  8. Issue Summary – Here you place your instructions to us. It might be something as simple as “See attached” or as complex as several paragraphs. For example, if this is a messenger assignment and you have attached a messenger form then there is nothing much more to say than “See attached.” On the other hand, if you are providing information regarding a difficult service of process assignment then feel free to use all the room you need to do so.
  9. Attachments – Attach documents and images here. You can upload a variety of different file types including pdf, doc, jpg, and png. We encourage you to upload each file separately. Do not combine multiple documents into a single pdf as this makes it very hard to determine where one ends and the next begins. Use the Add More button to upload additional files.
  10. Submit Ticket – Review your instructions and uploads. Once you are sure everything is correct then click the big blue Submit Ticket at the bottom of the form.

Questions? Call us at 360-671-2455 or email at

Absolutely. Client Comms is perfect for doing this. Simply open a new ticket, type in your instructions, attach your documents, and hit Submit. This has the advantage of creating a communications pathway right at the beginning of the assignment.

What is Client Comms?

The Client Comms system is intended to enhance communication between 4th Corner and our clients. It provides a permanent record of those communications without the need to decipher long email strings. Client Comms is based on an advanced ticketing system similar to those used throughout the internet.

A ticketing system is a management tool that processes and catalogs customer service requests. Tickets are also known as cases or issues. The system we’re using is user-friendly for you and our staff.

Which is better, Client Comms or email?

Client Comms has several advantages over email. For instance:

Sending and receiving multiple emails regarding a process service or messenger assignment can create tracking problems over time. When did who say what to who? Printed emails, on paper or in pdf files, can be difficult to follow especially if those emails occur over a period of days or weeks. Client Comms keeps all communications on a particular subject in one easy to follow thread.

Which is more secure, Client Comms or email?

Client Comms avoids the email system altogether. It is a direct connection between your computer and our server. The chance of interception is greatly reduced. The server itself is itself protected by both software and hardware security measures.

What happens when a Client Comms thread is closed?

Any active system storing large amounts of information can become “cluttered” over time. When a ticket is no longer in use it is closed but it isn’t deleted. You will always be able to find every ticket you created in the Client Comms system. Closed tickets are simply stored separately from the active tickets. You can also print them to paper or pdf file with the press of a button

Yes. If your office is open, and if our messenger can gain access, they we will still pickup as usual. That said, you may use Client Comms any time you choose if it is convenient for you.

Whatcom County Superior Court requires that when a document is filed, and has an attorney’s signature on it, then that signature must be that attorney’s own hand drawn wet ink signature. Here are a couple of possible ways to conform to this requirement.

  1. The attorney signs each document before the document is scanned. This results in a unique signature on each document.
  2. The attorney signs a blank piece of paper. The signature is scanned into an image file, such as jpg or gif. The file is distributed to support staff who then paste it onto signature lines as needed. This method does not produce unique signatures but is very convenient when working in a remote working environment.

Both methods are approved by the court.

4th Corner Network has the following requirements.

  1. Each assignment must include a properly completed messenger form.
  2. A ticket must be created for each case. Do not attach documents for multiple cases to the same ticket.
  3. Each document must be uploaded in its own file. Do not put more than one document into a file.
  4. Filing assignments must be received by 2:30 PM in order to be filed on the same day. Same day requests received after 2:30 PM will be subject to an additional fee.

There are two possible answers.

First – If you are a monthly messenger client then the only cost to you is 20 cents per page that we print or copy. Since many filings involve only a few pages we will not provide an invoice for each assignment. We know you need to assign costs to specific accounts so we will include the fee in the body of message when we return your face pages. At the end of the month you will receive a single invoice showing the total for that month.

Second – If you are not a monthly messenger client then there will be a $20 fee plus 25 cents per page. We will invoice you for each messenger assignment.

If you have questions please call us at 360-671-2455.

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