Looking for a lost will? We can assist you in locating it by distributing your request to the legal community in Whatcom County, WA. There is no charge for this service though we suggest a $25 donation to LAW Advocates. Simply fill out this form and submit it. We will contact you if your request is approved for distribution.

Information supplied through this form is not considered private and is subject to disclosure to a variety of people.

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All Superior Court Clerks have a Will Repository.  All repositories in an “Administrative file” and all repositories are assigned the same case number (case type “4” probate number).  It is always the first case number of each year.  This is a sealed file because the repository acts as a “safe deposit box” for the wills.  The cost to file a will in the repository is $20 and the person filing the will must be alive and it must be their own will!  Someone cannot file a will on behalf of another (though there are a few legal exceptions).  To search for a will in a repository all you need to do is call the appropriate superior court and give them the deceased name. The clerk will search the repository by the name provided and will tell you if a will for that name is in the repository. No additional information will be disclosed over the phone.

Click here to see a list of all Washington superior courts. The Whatcom County Superior Court can be reached at 360-778-5560.

Don’t confuse this with a “Will Only Filing” where a family member or Administrator of a will files a Will Only when a person is deceased.  A “Will Only Filing” gets a regular Probate Case Number and this is a public record, not sealed.