Sometimes it is wise to have an extra person around to make sure things stay cool, calm, and collected.

4th Corner Network has licensed private investigators ready to assist you in accomplishing exactly that. Our investigators are available to act as a presence and witness as people divide their personal effects during stressful situations.

Our investigators are licensed, insured, trained, and experienced in handling unusual situations, such as those which arise when people decide to go their separate ways.

  • Act as a presence
  • Act as a witness
  • Body cam equipped to record audio and video
  • Give an alert if things start to heat up
  • Call 911 if needed
  • Written reports available
  • Audio/video files available

Having an independent 3rd party present in certain situations can help keep emotions under control. For instance:

  • Child visitation exchange
  • Personal property division
  • Division of estate assets

For details call us at 360-671-2455.